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New IPad 2, is it worth all the hype

Okay like many techies, early adopters or Apple cult members, I was eagerly awaiting the big event today in which Apple made several announcements including the much anticipated pre-launch of the IPAD 2. Other than the fact that the delivery was made by Steve Jobs who surfaced from his medical leave for this event, from what I have been able to gather from many online postings, while the new IPAD is definitely an improvement, it doesn’t seem to be the earth shattering changes we have grown to expect from Apple.

I mean it has double the processor so it will run much quicker (although the IPAD is known for its instant on functionality, so I don’t think speed was the issue with the first edition), its thinner and lighter (again I don’t think this was the problem) and they’ve added front and back cameras that can film video in HD which means you will now be able to do video chat, facetime and more, but to me the omissions of what they didn’t do to me are pretty shocking.

The screen resolution and materials are still the same (continue having fun with the sunlight glare), still no USB ports so don’t plan on plugging any peripherals into it, they did add the ability to have HDMI port, but to do so you have to buy a $39 plug adapter, it is only set up to work on the 3G network (even with Verizon), no additional memory or additional models with more memory, etc.

I am sure I am missing out on some things, but to me, this is just a significant software version update being labeled as a new product. Don’t get me wrong I own an IPAD and will probably buy an IPAD 2 to have another in the house as I am sick of having to share mine with my 3 year old son who constantly wants to play Angry Birds on it, but to me if I didn’t need to do it and could wait awhile, I would consider holding off until next year for the IPAD 3 as it will be sure to have more significant improvements then what was announced today, which in my opinion didn’t live up to all the hype.


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Has the Internet Outgrown Itself

Earlier this week released the final two packets of IPV4 which is the protocal that determines the IP numbers of website addresses  or essentially the last set of website domain addresses that can be purchased.  Based on projections of the growth of the Internet and websites those 2 packets will be used up by 3rd quarter of this year.  So, the question comes to mind, has the Internet outgrown itself and will it run out of space and not be able to hold any more website domains?

The answer is of course no.  The size of the Internet can be infinite, but it definitely means that IPV4 has run its course and its time for all the major providers to finally get on the same page and launch IPV6 which has been rumored for years and never come to fruition due to political posturing and of course the want to milk every last dollar out of IPV4 before having to make infrastructure changes to support IPV6.

So in the spirit of improving the Internet, I quote the immortal Rodney King and say, “Can’t we all get along” and move forward with IPV6 before its too late as we don’t need another Y2K as IPV4 runs out.

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