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Syndication great, syndication with Google, not so great

I have been trying to warn anyone who will listen to me in the real estate industry that with the proliferation of listing syndication with vendors like ListHub and Point2Agent that are setting up feed partnerships with just about every MLS in the country which then feed  into sites like Google could potentially be a really bad thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big proponent of syndication at the agent level as syndication is great as it gets more eyeballs on listings, but the recent trend that syndication is being done so frequently at the association level is potentially that pretty soon Google will have a nationwide MLS database completely for free!

For some time now you were able to access those listings via the search, on Google Base or overlay those listings on Google Maps. Well earlier this week, Google decided to remove the listings from the map as they claimed the usage of this feature wasn’t high and the market already has a mature market of competitors (see article

In my opinion, this is a smoke screen and they are probably planning on removing this info from the maps for a short period of time and later come back with a fully functional real estate portal site to rival  I guess we will have to wait and see if Google really is not interested in using all this data and participating in the real estate sector (unlikely) or if they are planning something totally different for the future.


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Put your money where the business is

Baylor University research of where REALTORS are spending their money

Baylor University research of where REALTORS are spending their money

I have been preaching for years that REALTORS need to stop doing what they’ve always done or they will find themselves left behind and that definitely holds true to advertising.  For decades the real estate industry was immersed in the print world sinking huge portions of their budget into newspapers and magazines and continued to do so even though the ROI on these vehicles were dropping each year.

Well as recently as 2008, REALTORS were still allocating close to 15% of their budget on print despite it routinely being ranked one of the worst options for generating leads/new business and yet not reallocating the dollars they used to spend in print to online where they know the majority of their business is coming from these days.  As I state in my classes, this is a trend, in 2011 it is time that REALTORS start putting their money where the business is and the numbers show that is online.

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What newest change to Google’s Algorithm means to your SEO

In this article from CNET News, Google algorithm change tackles content copying – via @cnetMatt Cutt’s the chief architect of Google’s algorithm mentioned in an interview recently that Google is making a fundamental change that they will start assessing and penalizing sites for duplicate or copied content.

So what does this mean to you the site owner?

The saying has always been that content is king, well now that needs to be changed to Original Content is King!

While provided content is great to get a site up and going quickly and fill a site up with necessary content, don’t expect provided content to get you to the top of the search engines.  To do so, the content needs to be original and custom.  So, no more cutting corners, a site owner really has to make the commitment or investment to add a lot of custom content to their site and consider modifying any content that is provided to you by your site host.

Of course content is only one small piece in your sites page rank which we will cover in other blog posts along with other factors including meta data, backlinking, social media presence, use of bloggs, etc., but as highlighted by this big change by Google, content is still an important factor.


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Real Estate Website Guru’s Blog Mission

Welcome to the Real Estate Website Guru’s Blog.

Starting today I am going to share some of my vast knowledge on what works and more importantly doesn’t work in today’s online landscape for real estate website.

From elements of design, to page layout, to increasing your site’s user-ability, stickiness, lead conversion, online marketing, new cutting edge tools & more. Plus I’ll probably throw in some cool websites, services, video clips and more that I stumble on in my ventures online and most importantly I will do it in a fun easy to follow and fun way.

So, lets get to blogging shall we!

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