How to beat cancer? Back up your data!

Everyone always tells you to back up your computer and all your data cause you never know what might happen that could cause you to lose all your data.  Well, I think I found the greatest example of why you need to stop playing around and get a back up disaster plan in place and it comes complimentary of Sook Shin a researcher at the University of Oklahoma.

Well Ms. Shin has been doing research on prostate cancer for over 10-years and recently had a breakthrough for a potential cure for the disease that affects millions of men.  This sounds like great news right, only problem is her car was vandalized and her laptop was stolen with all of her research on it and you guessed it, she did not have a back up plan in place.

So, not only is 10 years worth of research, much of which she feels may be impossible to replicate are gone and unless the criminal has a sudden change of heart she has no chance of getting it or the potential cure for prostate cancer back.

So, hopefully this gives you the final push to go out and buy that external hard drive &/or off-site/cloud storage solution so that you can protect that valuable information you have on your tech devices.

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