Has the Internet Outgrown Itself

Earlier this week released the final two packets of IPV4 which is the protocal that determines the IP numbers of website addresses  or essentially the last set of website domain addresses that can be purchased.  Based on projections of the growth of the Internet and websites those 2 packets will be used up by 3rd quarter of this year.  So, the question comes to mind, has the Internet outgrown itself and will it run out of space and not be able to hold any more website domains?

The answer is of course no.  The size of the Internet can be infinite, but it definitely means that IPV4 has run its course and its time for all the major providers to finally get on the same page and launch IPV6 which has been rumored for years and never come to fruition due to political posturing and of course the want to milk every last dollar out of IPV4 before having to make infrastructure changes to support IPV6.

So in the spirit of improving the Internet, I quote the immortal Rodney King and say, “Can’t we all get along” and move forward with IPV6 before its too late as we don’t need another Y2K as IPV4 runs out.


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